Dental bonding is a minimally-invasive technique that can be used for repairing chipped teeth, filling spaces between teeth, and more.

Average procedure time: 0.5 hours

Dental bonding uses a composite resin to fill chips in teeth, replace a broken part of a tooth, build up worn teeth, or cover a stained tooth. During a dental bonding procedure the affected area is treated with a solution to roughen the tooth, in preparation. The composite resin is then applied, shaped, and solidified by directing a specialized frequency of light at the affected area. The process is quick, and can be completed in just one sitting.

What does dental bonding look like?

At Kootenay Family Dental in Castlegar, we match the colour of the composite resin used in the procedure to the natural colour of your teeth. This makes it impossible to distinguish between the bonded material and your own teeth, and keeps your smile bright. Talk to us if you have any questions about dental bonding.

Make the most of your Smile.