Night Guards and Sports Mouthguards

Do you grind your teeth while sleeping, or play sports that put you at risk of injury to your mouth? At Kootenay Family Dental, we are experienced in providing mouth guards to keep your teeth safe.

Average procedure time: 2 appointments, 20 mins each.

Nightly teeth grinding and clenching can lead to serious health complications, and it can be very uncomfortable for a bed-sharing partner to hear. Talk to us about adding a night guard to your bedtime routine, as they can impressively reduce the amount of discomfort and wear on the teeth that you experience every night. We fit custom-made night guards at our Castlegar clinic, built specifically for your mouth. Our night guards allow for uninterrupted breathing and the utmost comfort.

Do you play contact sports?

Athletes who play contact sports are at the highest risk of a mouth injury. We offer custom-made sports mouthguards at Kootenay Family Dental that can prevent a massive amount of damage, discomfort, and surgery. A generic mouthguard can be purchased from a sporting goods store, but they don’t fit every mouth perfectly and won’t work at all for some people.

Talk to us about our custom-built mouthguards if you think you’re a good candidate, and we’ll help you find the right fit.

Make the most of your Smile.